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I hope that you’ve found the information on this site useful. Researching the Piedmont Sub and sharing what I’ve found has been a labor of love for me. Below are some of the major sources that I’ve used and that I believe should be available to the general public, either through libraries or directly from the publisher. Check them out if you need more information than I’ve provided on this site.

Note: I am a psychologist by training, so I’ve followed the format of the American Psychological Association for my reference list.

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Sources from the C&O Historical Society

Several of my references were C&O Railway documents obtained from the C&O Historical Society. Those are listed here. In addition, many of the books and articles listed above are C&OHS publications. Contact them if you’d like copies of your own.

C&O Valuation Sections (dated 9 September 1931, updated to 1952)

C&O Index of Stations and Tunnels (Revised 31 December 1943; Revised March 1969)

C&O List of Officers, Agents, Stations, Etc. No. 82 (Dated August 1948)

C&O Track Charts (Dated 1963)

C&O Chesapeake Region Bridge Book (Updated to March 29, 1960)

C&O Industrial Directory (Dated January 1, 1950)

C&O Side Track Record/Charts (Dated 1937)

C&O Corporate History ICC Valuation 1916 (DS-9-187)


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